Rarity Table

Each Stacculent comes packed full of sunshine, whimsy, rainbows, and mischief. Here’s a breakdown of each trait’s distribution. The lower the percentage, the more rare the trait.

Learn more about your Stacc’s anatomy.


From outer space, to cavernous caves, to heart embossed fabric quilts, Stacculents can survive (and thrive!) in a variety of environments. But not all. Arrakis, for example. Keep your Stacc away from the planet Dune. While it may love the prescient foresight spice provides, Arrakis’ arid climate is not a suitable habitat.

Splash Blues9.72%
Happy Splash8.34%
Black Cave6.07%
Grain Noir4.06%
Fungal Wastelands3.81%
Rainbow Splash3.69%
Grain Teal1.08%
Toga Party0.97%
Toxic Sewers0.93%
Austin Powers0.01%
Background Flair
Fairy Lights16.78%
Rainbow Rain10.23%
White Heart7.57%
Black Heart6.62%
For Your Mom’s House0.66%


Stacculents prefer ceramic or glass vessels that are well draining with at least four inner pockets. One vessel may last a lifetime, but some can grow fussy with theirs.

Box: Mr Meeseeks5.75%
Box: Freaking Lasers5.04%
Box: Molly4.43%
Square: Acid Betty3.8%
Planter: Grandpas Planter3.79%
Bowl: Creamsicle3.7%
Planter: Alfur3.63%
Bowl: Marble3.39%
Squaresque: Fog3.18%
Planter: Frida3.14%
Squaresque: BYOB3.1%
Square: The Hive2.98%
Squaresque: Navy2.87%
Squaresque: Mudskipper2.82%
Planter: Twig2.81%
Planter: Chalky2.75%
Square: Nightosphere2.74%
Square: Queen Vespa2.71%
Bowl: Marceline2.7%
Bowl: Earthworm2.68%
Bowl: Ocean2.58%
Square: Aquaria 2.56%
Bowl: BMO2.42%
Box: Recycle Me2.4%
Square: Hiveblood2.35%
Squaresque: Obsidian2.35%
Square: Glass Square1.96%
Planter: Mathematical1.89%
Squaresque: Fire Truck1.83%
Box: Glass Box1.71%
Bowl: Glass Bowl1.58%
Squaresque: Matrix1.55%
Squaresque: Glass Squaresque1.54%
Planter: Glass Planter1.2%
Vessel Flair
Planter: Flair: None5.16%
Box: Flair: Stacks4.74%
Box: Flair: None4.68%
Box: Flair: Siesta3.78%
Planter: Flair: Seeded3.23%
Squaresque: Flair: Sparkler3.04%
Bowl: Flair: Summer3%
Squaresque: Flair: None2.95%
Box: Flair: Bitcoin2.92%
Planter: Flair: Bad Seed2.7%
Squaresque: Flair: Bitcoin2.47%
Squaresque: Flair: Double Stacks2.45%
Bowl: Flair: Spring2.44%
Planter: Flair: Stacks2.43%
Bowl: Flair: None2.43%
Planter: Flair: Leaf Me Alone2.16%
Bowl: Flair: Stacks on Stacks Filled2.14%
Planter: Flair: LSP2.08%
Squaresque: Flair: Glob2%
Bowl: Flair: Piper’s Sprinkles1.99%
Box: Flair: Nandor the Relentless1.99%
Squaresque: Flair: Gene1.89%
Square: Flair: Celebration1.77%
Square: Flair: Stacks1.77%
Square: Flair: Confetti1.71%
Squaresque: Flair: Knight1.71%
Squaresque: Flair: Stacks1.64%
Bowl: Flair: Stacks on Stacks1.61%
Planter: Flair: Bitcoin1.54%
Square: Flair: None1.49%
Bowl: Flair: Vanilla Sprinkles1.47%
Square: Flair: Margarita Run1.47%
Bowl: Flair: Black Stacks on Stacks1.34%
Square: Flair: Rainbow Run1.3%
Square: Flair: Fruity Stripes1.25%
Square: Flair: After The Rain1.25%
Bowl: Flair: Bitcoin1.25%
Box: Flair: The Guard1.22%
Square: Flair: Bitcoin1.19%
Square: Flair: Confetti Fight1.17%
Square: Flair: Triple Stack1.13%
Squaresque: Flair: Defender1.09%
Square: Flair: Linda0.95%
Square: Flair: Louise0.92%
Square: Flair: BTC Knight0.88%
Square: Flair: Bitcoin Summer0.85%
Bowl: Flair: Bitcoin Melody0.83%
Bowl: Flair: Gazorpazorp0.5%


Small, compact, abnormally round. Stacculents rarely show their hind limbs (some are vestigial structures). Multicolor and can change with mood or hydration.

Lumpy: Malibu9.3%
Svelte: Stardust8.93%
Svelte: Starry Night8.79%
Svelte: Rainbow Snowcone8.48%
Lumpy: Calcifer8.11%
Lumpy: Unicorn Planet7.93%
Lumpy: Moon Scales7.89%
Lumpy: Lucifer7.79%
Svelte: For Luna7.03%
Svelte: Drops of Jupiter6.95%
Lumpy: Colin Robinson4.79%
Svelte: Moleskin4.73%
Svelte: Glass Torso2.05%
Lumpy: Glass Torso2.03%
Svelte: Steve French0.6%
Svelte: Bubbles0.4%
Body Flair
Lumpy: Flair: None30.11%
Svelte: Flair: None29.63%
Lumpy: Flair: Teehee6.73%
Svelte: Flair: Blurple Blush6.73%
Lumpy: Flair: Pink Cheeks6.24%
Svelte: Flair: Bubblegum Pink Blush5.28%
Lumpy: Flair: Winter Walk4.76%
Svelte: Flair: Leeloo Wig2.58%
Svelte: Flair: Billie Wig2.4%
Svelte: Flair: Pink Cheeks of The Hive0.88%
Svelte: Flair: Purple Cheeks of The Hive0.4%


Round, beady eyes. Stacculents emit noxious odors as a defense mechanism and as a byproduct of jelly bean ingestion.

Michael Scott9.8%
Little Shadow5.2%
Kuchi Kopi5.17%
Evil Morty4.88%
I Love Lamp4.86%
Fresh Cheese4.77%
Warren Ampersand2.94%
Ms Toothy0.95%
Burning Man0.08%


Sturdy but delicate and can bruise easily. Radiates emotion, and affects the moods of anyone nearby. Holds memories, ideas, grudges, water, hopes, and dreams.

This is the largest and most complex part of the Stacculent.

Prickly Pear: Dipper4.24%
Prickly Pear: Mabel4.12%
Prickly Pear: Mazikeen3.96%
Moonstone: Toe Beans3.49%
Moonstone: Magic Beans3.26%
Coral: Banksy3.12%
Moonstone: Xander3.09%
Coral: Willoh2.97%
Coral: Morty2.94%
Butterfly: Maui2.75%
Butterfly: Glass Butterfly2.73%
Butterfly: Cosmic Owl2.72%
Coral: Myla2.63%
Butterfly: Secret Garden2.6%
Butterfly: Laszlo2.54%
Zombie Food: Worms2.5%
Moonstone: Grasshopper2.45%
Prickly Pear: Soos2.32%
Prickly Pear: Waddles2.31%
Moonstone: Stone2.23%
Butterfly: Totoro2.23%
Coral: Scratchy2.22%
Zombie Food: Gorb2.11%
Zombie Food: Brewers2.04%
Zombie Food: Tesla1.98%
Zombie Food: Zote1.96%
Moonstone: Sinn1.92%
Zombie Food: Primal Aspid1.89%
Moonstone: Mangolicious1.79%
Zombie Food: Hornet1.76%
Coral: Wubalub1.68%
Butterfly: Space Princess1.66%
Butterfly: Boobafina1.65%
Prickly Pear: Stanley1.63%
Zombie Food: Sugar Rush1.49%
Zombie Food: Strung Out1.44%
Coral: August1.42%
Zombie Food: Glass Brain1.27%
Coral: Coral Glass1.15%
Prickly Pear: Glass Cactus0.92%
Moonstone: Glass Moonstone0.7%
Topper Flair
Moonstone: Flair: Rainbow Sprinkles4.65%
Coral: Flair: Blue Party Lights4.12%
Butterfly: Flair: Purple Flowers3.8%
Moonstone: Flair: Rainbow Lights3.68%
Butterfly: Flair: None3.34%
Coral: Flair: Yellow Party Lights2.99%
Moonstone: Flair: Disco Lights2.88%
Coral: Flair: Salmon Party Lights2.78%
Zombie Food: Flair: None2.44%
Prickly Pear: Flair: Green Kelp2.43%
Butterfly: Flair: Sprouts2.41%
Coral: Flair: Purple Stalks2.28%
Moonstone: Flair: Yellow Sprinkles2.24%
Moonstone: Flair: None2.11%
Prickly Pear: Flair: Red Buds2.09%
Prickly Pear: Flair: Halloween2.06%
Coral: Flair: Yellow Stalks2.05%
Butterfly: Flair: Red Flowers2.01%
Coral: Flair: None2%
Prickly Pear: Flair: Rainbow Sprinkles1.98%
Prickly Pear: Flair: Stubble1.97%
Prickly Pear: Flair: Purple Buds1.97%
Butterfly: Flair: Ricky1.97%
Prickly Pear: Flair: Yellow Sprinkles1.92%
Butterfly: Flair: Buillermo1.92%
Coral: Flair: Blue Stalks1.91%
Prickly Pear: Flair: Teal Kelp1.9%
Butterfly: Flair: Randy1.88%
Moonstone: Flair: Yacht Lights1.86%
Prickly Pear: Flair: Pink Buds1.81%
Moonstone: Flair: Peachy Lights1.57%
Butterfly: Flair: Peacocking1.55%
Zombie Food: Flair: Revolution1.39%
Prickly Pear: Flair: None1.37%
Zombie Food: Flair: Piper1.34%
Zombie Food: Flair: Warm Lights1.12%
Zombie Food: Flair: Tiffany1.08%
Zombie Food: Flair: White Lights1.07%
Zombie Food: Flair: Party Jim0.94%
Zombie Food: Flair: Rainbow Lights0.94%
Zombie Food: Flair: Nosk0.9%
Zombie Food: Flair: Baldur0.84%
Zombie Food: Flair: Satori0.84%
Zombie Food: Flair: Bean0.76%
Zombie Food: Flair: Dwight0.76%
Zombie Food: Flair: Custard0.76%
Zombie Food: Flair: JD0.72%
Zombie Food: Flair: Renwick0.63%
Zombie Food: Flair: Tramp Stamp0.55%
Zombie Food: Flair: Face Tattoo0.47%
Zombie Food: Flair: Bitcoin0.36%
Zombie Food: Flair: Stacked0.33%
Zombie Food: Flair: Lucifer Morningstar0.2%
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