Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I adopt a Stacculent?

Stacks NFTs is the official Adoption Center for all Plant Sales of new and weathered Stacculents.

As NFTs on the Stacks blockchain, Stacculents can be re-sold anywhere that supports Stacks, so you may be able to find and adopt weathered Stacculents elsewhere online.

How do I adopt a Stacculent?

Official Plant Sales are now open. To ensure a fair rollout, initial adoptions for any one of these 10,000 Stacculents costs 15 STX.

Step 1: Get a Stacks wallet
To “log in” to the Stacks NFTs marketplace you’ll need a Stacks wallet. We recommend the Hiro Wallet, but you can find details about other Stacks wallets here.

Step 2: Get Stacks tokens
After setting your Stacks wallet up, you’ll now need to get some Stacks tokens (STX) into it. Depending on where you live, your options will vary. For US citizens we recommend Okcoin, but you can find information about other exchanges here.

Each original Stacculent costs 15 STX to adopt. Since you’ll also incur additional costs to transfer your tokens from an exchange to your wallet, and to adopt (mint) your Stacculent, we recommend getting ~16 STX for each Stacculent you want to get.

It’s important to note that all this can take time to do. We suggest completing Steps 1 and 2 at least a day before you hope to adopt a Stacculent.

Step 3: Adopt
Make sure your Stacks wallet is filled with STX. Then visit Stacks NFTs to adopt your Stacculent.

What makes a Stacc more rare?

Each Stacculent comes packed full of sunshine, whimsy, rainbows, and mischief. Randomy combined together, these various properties make each individual Stacc completely unique.

You can see a breakdown of each trait’s distribution in the Rarity Table.

NFTs on Bitcoin?

Yes, though this actually isn’t even a question 😜 But yes. NFTs on Bitcoin!

Stacculents live on the Stacks protocol, which is a blockchain that makes it possible to create all sorts of cool things (smart contracts, Defi, NFTs, etc.) that settle down to the Bitcoin blockchain.

Since we’re in this for the long haul and hope to build a strong, loving community that will be here forever, securing Stacculent NFTs to something that will also stand the test of time is super important to us!

That and we just love Bitcoin 🥰

When and how can I access the SGC?

When 60% of the original 10,000 Stacculents are adopted we’ll begin work building the Stacculents Garden Club (SGC). While we don’t know how long it’ll take to get this private club up and running, we’ll do our best to do so as quickly as possible.

To access the SGC you’ll connect your Stacks wallet (with your Stacculent in it).

How do I get a Stacculent Bud?

At 40% adoption, work begins on Stacculent Buds. The majority of these unique, plant bud NFTs will be propagated to original Stacculent adopters by airdrop or a similarly free (or negligibly cheap) transfer method. A small batch of Buds may be made available for sale to the general public.

How do I get Plant Food?

Work on Plant Food serums begins after every original Stacculent has been adopted. Most of these unique NFTs will be airdropped or made available through a similarly free (or negligibly cheap) transfer method to all original Stacculent adopters. A small batch of Plant Food serum may be made available for sale to the general public.

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