What is a Stacculent?

Stacculents are unique, magical creatures featuring a random assortment of features and flair that come topped with a succulent (usually).

They’re (mostly) potty trained and come packed full of sunshine, whimsy, rainbows, and mischief! While a sociable species, they can become mischievous if not properly cared for.

Lovingly handmade by Frenchie Boops, a digital artist with roots in Veterinary medicine, and her merry band of crypto passionate friends, the Stacculents project consists of 10,000 randomly generated, unique NFTs minted on the Stacks blockchain.

But with how much personality and whimsy each Stacculent emotes, we have a hard time not seeing them as fun, lovable pets!

Adopting a Stacculent grants you more than just a life-long friend… your Stacculent also acts as your All Access pass to the (upcoming) Stacculents Garden Club (affectionately known as the SGC).

With a strong drive to build and sustain a community for other succulent, NFT creatures, Stacks, and Bitcoin lovers, we’re incredibly thankful to all the support and excitement each and every new Stacculector brings!

Charitable Giving

We’re still working out specifics, but we’ll be donating a portion of all Stacculent adoption sales to a charity focused on plants, climate change, the environment, or something similar.

As we work through this and finalize details, we will announce everything through the official Stacculents Twitter profile (and update this section).


The NFT space can be daunting at first. Here are some important terms for the Stacculents universe and broader blockchain ecosystem.

Stacculent  stack ' you ' lent

10,000 provably rare, succulent creatures living on the Stacks blockchain. Randomly generated from over 260 traits, every Stacculent is completely unique. Stacc for short.

Stacks  stacks

Stacks is a blockchain protocol that supports an open-source network of decentralized apps and smart contracts built on Bitcoin. Stacks unleashes Bitcoin’s full potential as a programmable base layer.

Read more about Stacks in our FAQ or directly at https://stacks.co

NFT  en ' eff ' tee

An NFT is a provably scarce, digital media asset. If you own an NFT, you can be confident it is one of a kind and you’re the only one who owns it.

Technically, an NFT is a “non-fungible token” but that’s just a bunch of gobbledygook that means this thing is something that cannot be divided into individual equal and interchangeable parts.

Stacculectors  stack ' you ' leck ' tors

Mashup of the words “Stacculent” and “collector.” A Stacculector is a collector (adoptor) of Stacculents. This term is what we affectionately call ourselves and everyone within the dynamic Stacculent family.

the SGC  the ' es ' gee ' see

When 60% of the original 10,000 Stacculents are adopted, work begins on the Stacculents Garden Club, a special place for all Stacculectors to gather, show off their collections, and more.

Affectionately referred to as “the SGC,” access to this private section of this site will only be available to Stacculent holders.

Late Bloomers  late ' bloom ' ers

Five forgotten Stacculents held back from the initial release and airdropped to random Stacculectors.

Buds  buds

Separate, unique NFT assets. Through a variety of seeding efforts (airdrops, direct transfers, sales, etc.) Buds will help promote propagation of both the Stacculent and broader Stacks communities.

As digital anologues to traditional plant buds, Stacculent Buds contain a variety of visible and hidden traits. Planting your Buds in the SGC (a future update) will unlock and grow brand new, super duper extra rare, never before seen Stacculents.

Plant Food  plant ' food

Separate, unique NFT assets. Combining Plant Food serum with a Stacculent unlocks a variety of new features, which may (or may not) include: rare flower blooms, zombification, mutation, accelerated growth, special skills, etc.

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