Anatomy 101

Born of a magical combination of flora and fauna, this extraordinary species starts as a small bud. After slowly emerging, the Stacculent feeds on love, sunshine, water, and sweets until it is fully grown.

Once adopted, it establishes a strong bond to it’s new family.


Sturdy but delicate and can bruise easily. Radiates emotion, and affects the moods of anyone nearby. Holds memories, ideas, grudges, water, hopes, and dreams.

This is the largest and most complex part of the Stacculent.


Small, compact, abnormally round. Stacculents rarely show their hind limbs (some are vestigial structures). Multicolor and can change with mood or hydration.

Round, beady eyes. Stacculents emit noxious odors as a defense mechanism and as a byproduct of jelly bean ingestion.


Stacculents prefer ceramic or glass vessels that are well draining with at least four inner pockets. One vessel may last a lifetime, but some can grow fussy with theirs.

Rare Traits

Each Stacculent comes packed full of sunshine, whimsy, rainbows, and mischief. Randomy combined together, these various properties make each individual Stacc completely unique.

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